Negotiate Counter-offers

The Sellers, through their Agent, will either accept your initial offer on the home, or they will counter your offer.  You and your Agent will now need to work through the process of determining your next offer, and in this process, your Agent’s experience and skill in negotiation will be absolutely crucial for keeping the negotiation moving forward.  At the end of these negotiations, both the Buyer and Seller will have agreed on a price for the home, working with and through their Agents, and arrangements will be made for the exchange of the earnest money.  Your Agent may also recommend that you request that a home warranty policy be added to the agreement.  This policy is paid for by the Seller, if negotiated into the agreement as such, and will provide you with a source of payment for many of the typical repairs that are needed in the first year of ownership, such as a failure of a part of the furnace ignition system.