Go to Your Closing Meeting

The closing is a meeting attended by a representative of the Title Company and by either the Buyers and Sellers, or their legal representatives.  The Agent who has worked with you and the Sellers’ Agent often attend the closing, too, because they’ve partnered with you for the entire journey and this is day that everyone has been working toward.  A closing is normally completed in an hour or so, and during this meeting, documents are signed to legally transfer the property from the Seller to the Buyer, and mortgage documents are executed.   

As a Buyer, you will provide the Title Company with a cashier’s check or certified check for the amount indicated on your Settlement Statement.  There may be some additional funds changing hands, limited to small amounts that are due to purchase of a home warranty policy if you choose to do so and the Seller had not agreed to provide you with such a policy during initial contract negotiation.

Each person who will be listed on the documents completed during the closing will need to provide their driver’s license, for positive identification.

The Sellers will be providing you with the keys to your home and they may take the opportunity to chat with you about their time in the home and any maintenance strategies that they have employed over their years of ownership.  Once the documents are all signed, you will leave the table as the owner of the home you have chosen and your Agent will be sharing in your happiness!